oversized loadThe County Highway Superintendent brought forward the question of permitting “oversized loads” that wish to travel on county roadways during Monday’s Commissioner meeting.   Jason Peters was hoping to get their input on the idea.

Peters said he gets calls seeking information on oversized permitting when they want to move heavier loads on county roadways.  The county doesn’t currently charge for that although they have given authority in the past to allow it.  Peters said the county hasn’t done the permitting process but other counties are requiring payment for a permit.

Commissioner Mike Delp said, “I would think we should have a fee if we need to approve it and spend some time on it review the routes.  With the potential for damage, I would think we should come up with something.”

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said there was large crane that was brought in on Redwood Road south of 14B Road recently to install a communication tower.

Peters said he recently received a request from a company to use Plymouth/Goshen Trail as a cut through to State Road 19 to move the wings for a wind turbine.

Peters asked if the commissioners would decide to issue a permit they would need to determine if it would be a flat fee charged or based on tonnage.

Commissioner Stan Klotz questioned whether the request was any different than the NO THRU TRUCK ordinance and asked if they are just traveling through the county and not stopping to deliver or pick-up in our county, “Is it worth the damage they are going to do?” He said there are routes they can use.  He continued, “Personally I don’t think we can allow that. I think they can work it out.”

No action was taken on the suggestion.

Peters said he would follow up on the request.