Plymouth Color Logo2014Members of the Plymouth Plan Commission expected to consider the Planned Unit Development consisting of single and multi-family housing to be located north of Centennial Park on the north side of Plymouth/Goshen Trail.  The development, to be known as Centennial Crossing is being developed by CMD of Plymouth on property currently owned by Carl and Tanya Stockberger.

The PUD was tabled at last month’s meeting at the developer’s request and that happened again last night.

The Plan Commission did approve the request of Pretzels Plymouth to replat two lots, the current location and the lot immediately to the west into one single 23.87 acre lot.  Pretzels is located at the corner of Pioneer and Jack Greenlee Drive.  They were granted the replat that will allow for a major building expansion in the near future.

The other request was from Paul and Christine Hundt for a three lot subdivision at U.S. 31 and 11th Road.  The request is to allow for Kuert Concrete to construct a concrete operation on the southern lot closest to US 31.  The Green Door Storage buildings will be on their own lot and an additional lot will be further to the north.

The Plymouth Plan Commission unanimously approved the request.