Spring Film FestivalThis Thursday, at 6:30 pm, Lincoln Junior High Digital Storm will be hosting their 2019 Spring Film Festival and the public is encouraged to attend.

Lindsay Stone, anchor/reporter from WNDU in South Bend, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

The evening includes viewing the eight student written and produced short films and the awards presentation for Best Director, Best Marketing Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

Additionally, they will be recognizing the group of students that were just awarded the prestigious STN Film Excellence Award for Best Middle School Film, which premiered during the Fall Film Festival.  During the LJH Spring Film Festival they will also be recognizing their IBS National Award Winners, which were announced in March.

The films for the evening include:

BELIEVE “Always Be Confident”

Katherine Dragani, Alex Jaimes, Timmy Wakeland, Roman Snedeker

Nominations:  Best Director-Katherine Dragani; Best Marketing Director-Alex Jaimes; Best Actor-Roman Snedeker; Best Supporting Actor-Alex Jaimes

BENEATH THE TREES “There is something else here”

Rachel Ray, Rilynn Ames, Carter Weedling, Andrew Horn

Nominations:  Best Director-Rilynn Ames; Best Marketing Director- Rachel Ray; Best Actor-Carter Weedling; Best Supporting Actor-Andrew Horn;  Best Actress-Rachel Ray; Best Supporting Actress-Rilynn Ames;

CYBERSPACE “One Click Could Change It All”

Carly Richards Mallory McIntire Morgan Jensen Amaya Ameling

Nominations:  Best Director-Amaya Ameling; Best Marketing Director-Carly Richards; Best Actress-Mallory McIntire; Best Supporting Actress-Amaya Ameling

FRIENDLY REVENGE “Where Is Elisa? Is She Gone Or Is It A Trick?”

Emma Rozycki, Denice Guillot, Emily Jimenez, Elisa Lopez

Nominations:  Best Director-Denice Guillot; Best Marketing Director-Emma Rozycki; Best Actress-Emily Jimenez; Best Supporting Actress-Elisa Lopez;


Adrian Baca, Shane Abberger, Nolan Bales, Chandler Chavez, Landon Harness

Nominations:  Best Director-Adrian Baca; Best Marketing Director-Chandler Chavez; Best Actor-Nolan Bales; Best Supporting Actor-Shane Abberger;

THE POCKET WATCH “Will Time Ever Return To Its Natural Order”

Blake Hedger, Treyvon O’Leary, Trey Hall, Caden Bare, Kavan Holm

Nominations:  Best Director-Blake Hedger; Best Marketing Director-Caden Bare; Best Actor-Treyvon O’Leary;  Best Supporting Actor-Kavan Holm

THE WHITE RING “Will Sean need his lucky ring?”

Chloe Weldon, Sean Janda, Starla Maza, and Eli Waggoner

Nominations:  Best Director-Chloe Weldon; Best Marketing Director–Sean Janda; Best Actor-Sean Janda; Best Supporting Actor–Eli Waggoner;  Best Actress-Chloe Weldon;

WAKE UP “Never look behind you…..”

Kiley Pitts, Nikole Melendez, Alondra Rodriguez, Kayli Escobar

Nominations: Best Director-Kiley Pitts;  Best Marketing Director-Alondra Rodriguez; Best Actress-Kayli Escobar; Best Supporting Actress-Nikole Melendez;