Centennial Park_front gateIt was a quick meeting for the Plymouth Park Board Monday evening.

Members gathered at the Conservation Club House and heard Park Superintendent Mike Hite say during his report that rain and being short staffed has made it difficult to get the grass mowed and weeds pulled on the 200 acres of park property in the city.  He did say the college kids are coming back and will begin starting to work.  Hite said all the summer help has been hired for maintenance, the pool and day camp.

The Plymouth Park Board also approved the request of Link-to-Hope for a family pool pass.  They also approved the request of New Song Church to use the Freyman Shelter for their 3rd annual 4th of July fireworks show on Wednesday, July 3rd.  It was noted that their event is very well received by the community and they have security, traffic control and clean-up.