Link to Hope logoLink to Hope will host their 2nd annual dinner meeting and fundraiser on Saturday, May 11th at Christo’s Banquet Center on Lincolnway East in Plymouth.

Link to Hope offers assistance to those in our county who need assistance with prescriptions, rent, utilities and transportation to shelters.  They also link those requesting assistance with other organizations that can provide various kinds of help.

Tom Keb, a member of the board of directors and treasurer of Link to Hope said there is much need in the county.  In February they were able to help 9 different families, while March that number was 6 and in April the offered assistance to 8 families.  Assistance ranges from $25 up to $200.   Although no money is given directly to the requestor, Link to Hope works with the utilities or pays directly to the landlord or pharmacy.

Barb Holcomb, another board member and client interviewer said they see requests from families with two parents, from young families, senior citizens and even recently a widow.  She said, “It’s hard to make a living on minimum wage and one unexpected expense can drastically change a family’s lifestyle in an instant.”

Everyone is invited to attend the annual dinner meeting and fundraiser on May 11th.  Tickets are $20 and include a fabulous meal of buttermilk chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and desert.  The evening also includes a silent auction with many great packages.

Guest speakers for the event include Linda Yoder from United Way and Chris Garner from the Marshall County Neighborhood Center.

To purchase tickets contact Link to Hope at 574-941-2273.