flood-warningHere is the latest update on the flood situation in Marshall County from EMA Director Clyde Avery:

  •  The Flood Warning has been continued for the Yellow River.
  •  The Yellow River is currently at 13.38 feet ( minor flood stage) and is forecast to crest at 14.2 feet around 7am on Friday (at 13. 5 feet Some residential and commercial properties near Jefferson Street Bridge begin to flood. At 14 feet the small trailer park on the north side of the Jefferson Street Bridge begins to flood.
  •  The Tippecanoe River is currently at 13.05 feet (moderate flood stage) and is forecast to crest at 13.3 feet around 7am on Saturday (at 13 feet flooding begins to affect streets and homes in Monterey).
  •  More rain is forecast through tonight with some thunderstorms possible. Locally heavy rain may increase or renew flooding.  River flooding will also continue for some locations and will continue into the weekend.
  •  Volunteers began sandbagging around homes on Gilmore Street in Plymouth to help mitigate potential flood issues.
  •  Sand and bags are available to anyone who would like them at the old EMA office located on King Road just north of the Marshall County Highway Garage.  They will need to bring their own shovel.