Road Closed High WaterWith the excessive amount of rain Marshall County has received the past several days, the County Highway Department began posting high water and road closed signs to help drivers avoid dangerous driving areas.   This is the latest updated list of county road closures and high water areas impacting roads in Marshall County.

A Flood Warning was issued for the Yellow River.  The river is currently at 12.53 feet (approaching minor flood stage) and is now forecast to peak at 14.3 feet (moderate flood stage) on Thursday around 2pm.

A Flood Warning was also issued for the Tippecanoe River.  The river is currently at 12.47 feet (minor flood stage) and is now forecast to peak at 13.7 ft. (just short of major flood stage) on Saturday around 2pm.


10th Hawthorn to Gumwood Center Bourbon Closed
7th King to Jarrah North German Closed
8th Grape to Hickory Center Bourbon Closed
Hickory 7B to 7th Center Bourbon Closed
8th Iris to Hawthorn Center Bourbon Closed
6th Beech to Cedar German Closed
Grape 4th to 5th North German Closed
Cedar 6th to 7th German Closed
5th Hickory to Gumwood North German Closed
Gumwood 5B to 6th North German Closed
Hickory 7B to 8B Center Bourbon Closed
Gumwood 7th to 8th Center Bourbon Closed
5th Gumwood to Hawthorn North German Closed
3B Beech to Co.Line German Highwater
8th West of 331 Bourbon Highwater
Beech 7th to 8th Bourbon Highwater
3B East of 331 German Highwater
2B Beech to Birch German Highwater
Fir 4th North German Highwater
7th Fir North German Highwater
Fir 3B North German Highwater
Co.Line South of SR6 German Highwater
Beech South of SR6 German Highwater
7th East of Hickory North German Highwater
11th Dixon Lake Trail Center Highwater
7th Oak to Olive North Highwater
7th Pine to Pear North Highwater
Oak South of SR6 North Highwater
Hickory 8th to 7B Center Bourbon Highwater
7th West of Pear North Highwater
Apple North of 9B Bourbon Highwater
3B West of Rose Polk Highwater
Maple 4A to 5A North Highwater
Beech 3B to 4th German Highwater
Elm North of 6th German Highwater
Apple South of US30 Bourbon Highwater
6th West of Queen Polk Highwater
Quince North of SR6 Polk Highwater
1st Oak North Highwater
3rd West of King North Highwater
King South of 3rd North Highwater
Linden 3rd to SR6 North Highwater
12B West of Hawthorn Center Bourbon Highwater
Hawthorn 12B Center Bourbon Highwater
12B Fir Center Bourbon Highwater
Hickory 15th Walnut Highwater
Fir 17B Walnut Highwater
Gumwood 14th & 12B Walnut Highwater
Beech South of 10B Bourbon Highwater
Gumwood US30 to 12B Center Bourbon Highwater