Weather AlertMarshall County Emergency Management Director, Clyde Avery said Monday up to 2 inches of additional rain is forecast through Thursday for our area. With the ground fairly well saturated, additional rainfall will extend the potential for flooding concerns into next weekend.

The greatest rainfall amounts through Tuesday are forecasted to fall across the Kankakee and St. Joseph river basins in northwestern Indiana and southwestern Lower Michigan where 1 to 2 inches of rain is expected. Lesser amounts look to fall across the Maumee and Upper Wabash river basins for this same period. Heavy rain could become a threat for Tuesday night into Wednesday night for all basins with an additional 1 to 2 inches of rainfall, along with locally heavier amounts where thunderstorms occur.

However, these trends and the location of heavy rainfall can still change as the forecast unfolds.  The Yellow River is currently at 8.18 feet and the Tippecanoe at Ora is currently at 10.4 feet and rising.

Impacts for the additional rain could cause flooding of low lying areas that are susceptible to flooding. Ponding on road surfaces with the potential for some roads to flood over will cause hazardous driving conditions.  Flooding of creeks, ditches, and rises in river levels through the weekend.