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A Go Fund Me account has been created by a student lead initiative to assist the Plymouth High School Music Department in replacing some uniforms that were recently vandalized.

From the Go Fund Me page it states, “The PHS choir department works very hard to raise money to get outfits, music, etc., and unfortunately someone has destroyed half of the dresses for the Counterpoint choir group. This is $1200 worth of damage that our teacher, Mr. VanAntwerp, now has to try to pay to fix or replace. He was hoping to buy new music folders this summer, and unfortunately with the dress mishap, we won’t be able to. That’s why we’re starting this page, in hopes to raise enough money to help fix the outfit situation and to help raise money for new folders. If you’d be willing, please donate because everything helps.”

Apparently someone got into the uniform room on or about April 23rd and dumped white fabric paint on half of the black dresses and ripped one of the dresses used by the Counterpoint choir.  PHS student, Ayanna Soria said, “People are in and out of that room a lot so we can’t pinpoint who has done it. There aren’t any cameras in that specific spot, but we’ve been trying to limit the possibilities of who it’s been but the storage room is located in a place where a lot of people pass through so it’s difficult.”

The Go Fund Me page is hoping to raise $2,500 to cover the replacement cost of the dresses and fund the new music folders.

If you’d like to donate you can use the Go Fund Me link or stop by Plymouth High School and make your donation there.



PHS Choir Dress