campaign financeThe first reporting period for municipal candidates to report their campaign finances show Democratic candidate for Mayor of the City of Plymouth, Josh Walker in the lead of the three mayoral candidates.

Walker raised $10,612.65 and has $6,712.65 on hand while incumbent Republican Mayor Mark Senter raised $6,650 and has $5,674.29 on hand.  The third candidate, Ben Fisher the Republican challenger raised $4,750 and has $2,589.47 on hand.

Candidates and committees must report all contributions, loans, expenditures, distributions of more than $100 (and transfers between political committees, regardless of the amount.)

Municipal candidates were to file their reports by noon on Monday, April 22nd.

Four candidates failed to file on time, although they did filed on Monday as required.  Those filling late were Argos incumbent Clerk/Treasurer and Republican Lisa Mullaney, Culver Town Council at-large Democrat candidate Susan Mcinturff and Culver Town Council at-large Libertarian candidate Joel Samuelson as well as the Republican candidate for LaPaz Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Schmidt.

County Clerk Deb VadDeMark said the filling forms are confusing and it doesn’t matter if a candidate has raised any funds or not, they still must file the campaign finance report.