Randy Head-Hemp Bill 2019A bill authored by State Senator Randy Head (R-Logansport) that would allow for hemp production in Indiana Wednesday passed the Senate and House of Representatives.

Senate Enrolled Act 516 would allow those who obtain a license from the state seed commissioner to grow and handle hemp in Indiana. SEA 516 would also establish the Indiana Hemp Advisory Committee, which would advise the Office of the State Seed Commissioner on Indiana’s plan for hemp production through July 1, 2021.

Hemp, though it is biologically related to marijuana, is a non-intoxicating plant that can be used for oil and fiber products.

“My colleagues and I have discussed and studied hemp production for years,” Head said. “Hemp is a valuable product that could help further support our agriculture industry as well as our entire economy, and this bill will create the necessary safeguards to ensure those with a license do not try to grow marijuana.”

Under SEA 516, the state seed commissioner would be allowed to revoke a hemp license for intentional violations of the law or if the licensee fails to cooperate with law enforcement or the state seed commissioner.

SEA 516 will now be considered by the governor.