Miller's_Easter Peter's Song April 2019Residents of Miller’s Assisted Living began their Easterweekend celebration on Good Friday with Peter’s Song which has become and annual tradition.  Peter’s Song is a one man musical by Rev. Glen Mitchell in which he portrays the Disciple Peter during his encounters with Christ from being chosen as a disciple through the death, burial and resurrection.

MIller's_Easter Q Concert and Mary Ann April 2019Following a delicious meal on Easter Sunday by the Miller’s dietary department the residents and their guests were  treated to a gospel concert by well-known entertainer Quentin Flagg.  While many are aware of Flagg’s rock-n-rolland crooner music; it was a treat to experience his gospel stylings.  It was a perfect ending to the holiday weekend.


Photo Captions:

  1. Rev. Glen Mitchell in his one-man musical “Peter’s Song”.
  2. Entertainer Quentin Flagg poses after his Gospel concert with one of his loyal fans Mary Ann Miller of Miller’s Assisted Living.