Katlyn Carrollonday evening, Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter recognized the college intern who has been working with the city for eight months.

Katlyn Carroll will graduate from IUSB with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work this spring and spent time in the mayor’s office assisting with a number of items including adding numerous notable residents to the city’s Wikipedia page.  She was also on the forefront of Plymouth’s new website and was able to witness many interactions with citizens, department head meetings, many board meetings and some decision made by the office of the mayor.

In the proclamation Mayor Senter said, “We have seen Katlyn come out of her shell, if you will, the last eight months and I can see great social leadership on her horizon.

In closing the mayor said, “I am pleased to tender this Certificate of Recognition to Katlyn Carroll, with sincere thanks for dedicated service and the best of luck in all of her future endeavors!”