Earth Hug Boogie LogoOn Saturday, April 27th, River Park Square will bring Earth Hug Boogie to life for the second year in a row! The free annual event starts at 1:00 p.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. Last year, Marcia Heintzberger and George Schricker put their creative talents together to form a celebration of our planet, which shortly follows Earth Day! The event will offer a variety of entertainment, including music, fellowship, reading, prayers, and dancing! Earth Hug Boogie will kick off with John Bahler’s concert, with creation prayer following by Father Schramm.

Others to follow include: The reading of The Lorax by Adam Thada, Square, Round, and Contra Dancing with caller Karen Andrews and music by Mark & Liza Woolever, “D(IY) – TOX Your Cleaning Routine!” by Marianne Peters, trash clean up with kids, Howard Gibbs and George Schricker performing Music for the Planet, MCHD announcement, and a tree planting.

John Bahler is the notable Music Producer for the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour and a successful singer-songwriter as well as an adroit musician. His creativity impacts those around him, and ignites a festive environment. Mark and Liza Woolever out of Goshen are two musicians who make you want boogie when you hear their tunes! Howard Gibbs and George Schricker are highly invested in Wild Rose Moon and bring their music to life when they come together.

Bring your kids to celebrate the Earth and enjoy the festivities happening right in your own community. Bring a picnic and your dance moves to Earth Hug Boogie this Saturday.

Special thanks to Marshall County Tourism, Marshall County Health Department, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the Center at Donaldson.

On account of inclement weather, Boogie will be held at Wild Rose Moon, 115 North Michigan Street, just up the block from the park.