County News # 1During Monday’s County Commissioner meeting, Alice Oyler of 13257 3rd Road addressed the commissioners with a drainage concern.

Oyler said, when US 31 was changed back to Michigan Road the State took out the overpass bridge that would get you onto the north bound lanes of US 31 and lifted they Michigan Road.  She says now her pasture has been going underwater since that time.

She provided a picture from the 2015 GIS flyover of the pasture which was prior to the road construction and pictures of the pasture as it sits now.

Mrs. Oyler said she wanted to bring it to the commissioners first since they control that section of road now but she also understood that the state completed the construction project that created the drainage issue.

Commissioner Mike Delp said, “I think the state’s still got some responsibility if we find out they did something wrong there with the work they did.”

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he would contact Jessica Miller at the LaPorte District of INDOT and discuss the problem.

Commissioner Delp said he would be willing to get involved as the Drainage Board President and look at the situation.  He said the County Surveyor, Craig Cultice said there is not a legal drain at the location so he wasn’t sure where they would take the water too.

Oyler said her neighbor around the corner is also experiencing drainage water issues too.

The commissioners took no immediate action but will begin to investigate the situation.