Marshall_County_JailThe Marshall County Jail has been experiencing issues with overcrowding.  Earlier this year Sheriff Matt Hassel told the commissioners there has been a steady increase in the jail population since 2015.  He gave a brief rundown on the average daily population over the last 4 years.  In 2015 the average daily population was 127 and in 2016 the population jumped to a daily average of 137 while in 2017 the average went up to 153.

During the first 6 months of 2018 the monthly average inmate population was 166 in January, 184 in February, 194 in March, 201 in April, 198 in May and 212 in June.  The highest count was in July was 240.

The Marshall County Jail has 239 regular beds, 2 detoxification cells, 2 medical cells, 1 padded cell and 1 observation cell.

Looking at the top 10 reasons while people are booked into the Marshall County Jail in 2018, the Jail reported:

Failure to Appear for Fines and Costs at number 10 had 122 bookings

Driving While Suspended was 9th with 123 bookings

Possession of Paraphernalia was 8th with 143 bookings

Theft was 7th with 144 bookings

Probation Violations was 6th with 159 bookings

Possession of Methamphetamine 5th with 161 bookings

Possession of Marijuana 4th with 188 bookings

Failure to Appear on Misdemeanors was 3rd with 189 bookings

Operating While Intoxicated on Alcohol was 2nd with 189 bookings and the number one reason while people were booked into the Marshall County Jail in 2018 was

Dealing Cocaine/Methamphetamine/Marijuana with 238 bookings.