Hydrolic Yellow River 4-17-19The National Weather Service has issued a Hydrologic Outlook indicting that some minor flooding may occur late this week and into the weekend.

A strong storm system is expected to bring some moderate to locally heavy rainfall for Thursday and Thursday night. The system has the potential to bring one or two inches of rainfall to the area, particularly across portions of the Maumee and Wabash basins. This additional rainfall combined with the recent rainfall that saturated the ground over the weekend, may lead to rises in streams, rivers, and lowland areas prone to flooding toward the

end of the work week.

People living near areas that are prone to flooding or who have interest in these locations should continue to monitor forecasts this week to see how this system evolves and where any heavy rainfall may fall.

Impacts of Thursday’s rain could produce ponding of water on roads may cause hazardous driving conditions.  Some flooding may occur in low lying areas and areas that are prone to standing water with heavy rainfall and an increase in ditch, creek and river levels.