County news # 2During the Commissioner Items portion of the Commissioner’s meeting on Monday, Commissioner Stan Klotz said, “I wasn’t aware when I was elected that we had any power over the Health Department and the ordinances.”  He suggested looking at some of the ordinances and making changes to address the issues that are going on.

Commissioner Klotz said a lot of people are having trouble getting a septic system approved. He said, “In this county we are making the process more difficult.  Way too difficult depending on where you are at.”  Mr. Klotz said the Health Department is going above and beyond state guidelines.  He suggested going back and reviewing the state guidelines and adhering to them while trying to keep the cost because he knows two individuals who quit putting septic systems in this county because they are tired of dealing with the issues and the cost got too high.

Klotz suggested being more reasonable with the land owners and still adhere to the state’s guidelines and keeping the cost down.

Commissioner Delp said they have no control over that and suggested Klotz attend a County Health Board meeting and speak to Dr. Holm.  Delp said, “It’s got nothing to do with the commissioners.”

A group went downstate and spoke to the state health department and found out they have options.  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said, “They basically told us its home rule.”

Klotz said he would give some information to the County Attorney to review a couple ideas and have him report back if they are worthwhile or not.