curtis-hill attorney general indianaAttorney General Curtis Hill Monday filed court documents opposing a request by an abortion provider to open a clinic in South Bend without first obtaining a license.

In March, the Texas-based Whole Woman’s Health Alliance sought a preliminary injunction in federal district court that would allow it to open a clinic without first obtaining the standard approval from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH). The ISDH previously has denied Whole Woman’s Health a license after the entity failed to provide requested documentation about the safety record of affiliated clinics in other states and other information.

The proposed South Bend clinic specifically would provide chemical abortions. In these procedures, one type of medication is used to kill the fetus after which another is administered to induce the woman to expel the deceased fetus.

“Indiana has a compelling interest in regulating abortion,” Attorney General Hill said. ”There is certainly nothing unreasonable nor unconstitutional about requiring abortion clinics to be licensed facilities. In fact, maintaining such basic laws is the least we should be doing to protect the health of expectant mothers and accord proper respect to fetal life.”