County News # 1Marshall County Commissioner Mike Delp asked the other two commissioners Monday morning if they would consider funding the engineering study for the Water Task Force.

During last Monday’s joint meeting between the County Council and Commissioners,Ken Jones from Jones Petrie Rafinski presented a proposal to create a preliminary engineering report for Marshall County.   The scope of services would include project planning and preliminary activities along with the development of alternatives for the failing sewers.  Estimated cost for the preliminary engineering report is $35,000 to $45,000.

Delp said, “I think that is the next right step for us is to get the preliminary engineering study.  It doesn’t mean we have to go any farther but at least we can get a study done and find out where our hot spots are and how we can afford to alleviate the problems that we know are out there.”

Commissioner Stan Klotz said he had some concerns.  He said, “According to this report, its years before anything will get done, even if we start this study.  What’s going to happen to all these people in the process and mean time and number two, if we are looking for options, there’s a simple solution that would cure half of this.  We have sewer lines in Plymouth that run clear out to Wesleyan Church.  Why are we not approaching the City of Plymouth and City of Bremen to take these developments into their service?”

Delp said the study would analyze the hot spots and assist in finding alternative solutions.

Commissioner Overmyer said at this time he’s not ready to commit to funding the study.  He wants to gather more information before he makes a decision.

Delp said this is a quality of life issue, protecting our water. He said he would continue to ask for the funding and said the committee will ask the County Council next month for the funds.