County News # 1Judge Dean Colvin from Marshall Superior Court II asked members of the County Council to consider a change in the pay for the MCDAP (Marshall County Drug and Alcohol Program) director Monday morning.

Colvin said there’s been a small issue since 2011 when there was a change in circumstances in the director’s position was changed to a temporary director s position.  The current director has been on the job since 2011 and Colvin wanted to address the temporary status and address the structure of pay for the position by change the pay status from a flat fee to a pay range.

The Judge spoke of the various criteria required to be the director of the program including a bachelor degree and other certifications.  His proposal is to have a pay range so if the position were to open up he could offer a range in pay dependent upon the various criteria the candidate may have.  He would also use the range to entice the director to work on continuing ed.

Colvin said the current position pays $44,445.  His proposal was to have a pay range from $44,036 to $53,822.97.  Waggoner Irwin and Scheele completed a job description and wage study last year and showed the external low rate of $44,036.97 while the mid external rate is $48,929.99 and the external high point was $53,822.97.

Colvin stressed to the council that the position is not paid out of the general fund, nor is it using tax dollars.  The position is paid for by user fees and program fees.

Councilman Jon Van Vactor pointed out that the position has been classified as a PAT 3 job by Waggoner Irwin and Scheele, the county’s H.R. consultants.  He said the highest paid PAT 3 position in the county is the counselors in the probation dept. who make $48,029.80.  While the judge has the funds available to pay more, that increase would mess with the internal averages of those other positions in the PAT 3 category.  Van Vactor was fearful that other positions would need a salary increase.

The judge suggested taking another look at the job description to see if the all the duties are listed and that it would qualify for a higher category.

After a lengthy discussion the County Council unanimously approved Judge Colvin’s request to be able to use a range of pay that will be from $44,000 up to $48,029.80.

It was noted that the council’s committee that is currently reviewing the new job descriptions and the wage study that was completed last year by Waggoner, Irwin and Scheele would be meeting Monday afternoon and should review the request for additional consideration and possibly bring back a recommendation at the next meeting.