Miller's_Tony Gerber Sound flute April 2019Tony Gerber of Tennessee demonstrated his Himalayan Singing Bowls recently at Miller’s Assisted Living.  Gerber was given his first guitar at the age of seven by his traveling evangelist grandfather.  He knew he’d found his passion in music and later he discovered adding electronic synthesizers to his music.  It’s only within the past two years that he has learned the skill of using the singing bowls.  He enjoys traveling the country to share the benefits of sonic sound with others.

Gerber explained that sound-affects the nervous system which in turn affects every cell in the body. Harmonic Sound Therapy calms the neural network allowing self-healing to begin. It allows you to shift your conscious being from the daily, beta existence that “cages in” the mind; and to relax and renew your body, mind & spirit with the gentle sacred pathways of sound fields.   After explaining the process and benefits Gerber invited those present to close their eyes and absorb the harmonic tones and vibrations to calm your body and mind.

Miller's_Tony Gerber sound Virginia Brown April 2019“There are many benefits from the vibrations of the singing bowls.” Declared Gerber.  “they include:   deepor  extreme relaxation,  improves sleep, helps with recovery after an illness, trauma, or invasive medical treatments, cleanses negative energy, removes blockages and toxins, stimulates circulation, plus it affects every cell in the body.  There is so much more I could add!!”

During Gerber’s 30 minute demonstration, residents were asked to relax, let the vibrations and sounds surround them and “accept the ‘love and compassion’ generated by Gerber through the bowls, Native American flutes, bells, gongs, and an ocean drum.

At the end of his demonstration Gerber went to each resident individually and allowed them to use a mallet to strike the bowls.  Some of them rested the bowl on particularly painful joints of their body to allow the vibrations to calm the inflamed areas.  The bowls are handcrafted in Tibet from bronze and other metals.  He pointed out that each bowl plays a separate note and he uses many different types of mallets to get the different types of sounds out of a bowl.  It takes a group of about 3-4 men working 35 hours to create ONE bowl!

Miller's_Tony Gerber sound bowls April 2019If you are interested in having Tony Gerber bring his Himalayan Singing Bowls to your organization, work place, or facility you may contact him at 615-414-1241.


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  1. Tony Gerber of Gerber Sound Therapy plays his American Native flute and the Himalayan Singing Bowls at Miller’s Senior Living.

2. Miller’s resident Virginia Brown tries out her skills with the Himalayan Singing Bowls.

  1. Tony Gerber, Sound Practitioner and Professional Musician.