PHS_5th hour wall clocks 1Plymouth High School students in John Rowe’s Introduction to Manufacturing 1st and 5th-hour classes recently wrapped up crafting their own clocks. Mr. Rowe deemed the clock created by senior Tanner Medina the most outstanding clock and awarded him this year’s first place award. Coming in second place was freshman Jonathan Martinez Gonzalez, and in third place was freshman Dylan Williams.

Rowe said the winning clock had a unique sunburst type shape and was designed by WSOI junior Arturo Valdez. Medina, Valdez, and PHS sophomore Cruz Dominguez each made their own sunburst clock. “They set up a small assembly line amongst the three of them and helped each other using manufacturing techniques they learned in class,” said Rowe.

Mr. Rowe said he is proud of all of his students who saw the clock project out to completion. He said students are now allowed to take their clocks home as the month-long lesson wraps up this week.

Photo taken by WSOI sophomore Isaac Morwood

PHS_First Hour Manufacturing Wall Clocks 4-10-19


L-R back row: Gaven Roney, Christian Owens, Coleton Masterson, Alex Weiss, Kadin Gast, Tristan Guard

2nd Row: Gerardo Baca, Austin Snyder, Boston Hunter, Masin Kuskye, Kameron Kopetski

Front Row: Jovany Garcia, James Tolson

PHS_5th hour wall clocks 4-10-19


Front Row: Dawson Stutler (seated)

2nd Row: Sabastian Freeman, Gil Stanton, Isaac Morwood, Dylan Williams, Seth Schwichtenberg, Tanner Medina, Arturo Valdez, Jonathan Martinez Gonzalez

Back Row: Axton Berger, Nathaniel Deerfield, Ridge Watson, Cruz Dominguez, Miguel Mendez, Carter Bishop, Jose Rosas