Plymouth Color Logo2014This week members of the Plymouth City Council reviewed the compliance forms for five industries who have tax abatements approved by the city.

CF-1’s approved Monday evening were for AK Industries, Inc. for their 2014 personal property tax abatement.  Pretzels Plymouth, LLC submitted their CF-1 for a 2013 real property tax abatement and a 2016 real property tax abatement.  Pretzels Inc. has a 2016 and 2018 personal property tax abatement while River Gate Development LLC has a 2017 real property tax abatement and finally Weir Enterprises for their 2018 real property tax abatement.

All forms submitted were found to be in compliance and approved by the city council.

The council also approved a resolution establishing a cash change fund for the Building Commissioner.  The Building Commissioner was given $100 to be able to provide change for walk-in cash transactions.

The council unanimously approved the resolution.