Plymouth Community SchoolsTuesday evening the Plymouth Community School Board unanimously approved salary increases for eligible administrators in the amount of $627.  Superintendent Andy Hartley noted that the amount was equivalent to the dollar amount the negotiated with the teachers.  Salaried staff members will also receive a raise of $627 while hourly classified employees will get a $.25 per hour raise.

Substitute teachers for the Plymouth Community School Corporation will also see an increase in pay next year. Substitute teachers will receive a $5 per day increase.  That means a substitutes will make $80 per day and those with a bachelor’s degree will make $85.   Hartley said they created a new category for retired teachers who come back and work as subs. The retired teachers will be paid $100 daily.  It was noted how challenging it is to fill substitute teacher positions in the corporation and how fortunate they are when a retired teacher is willing to come back and help out.

In other business the Plymouth School Board approved the 2019-2020 corporation calendar.  Superintendent Hartley noted that students will be in school from August 7th, 2019 to May 28th,  2020.  The biggest change will be Spring Break.  Instead of two full weeks, students will be off on Friday, March 20th and not return to school until Monday March 30th…meaning they get one week with an additional day on each end of the week.  Fall break will still be one week and Christmas break will be two weeks.


The Plymouth School Corporation will continue to use eLearning days when school is cancelled but if three days are canceled in a row, the fourth day and beyond will not be eLearning days.   There are also up to 4 built in make-up days included.