County BuildingThe Marshall County Drainage Board and County Commissioners will meet Monday morning beginning at 8:30 in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.

The Drainage Board meeting agenda includes a public hearing on the reconstruction of the F. Milner Tile to the Leo Berger Ditch.

Miscellaneous business includes the finding of order for the 2B Road Drain, a gauge station with Four Way Internet at Lake of the Woods, further discussion of issues with the Myers Tile Arm with Glenn Roberts and Tim Morlock wants to discuss the William Inbody Tile.

At 9:30 the Commissioners will meet in their second floor meeting room.  Their agenda includes Jerry Chavez from the Marshall County Economic Development Commission with the 2017 annual report, Jackie Wright from Older Adult Services with the 2019 INDOT proposal for transportation and Bruce Breeden from Telamon Corp. with the energy savings program and solar power analysis.

Also on the agenda for the commissioners is a letter of support for a Solar Friendly Community through MACOG, the request of Sheriff Hassel to upgrade a security video system, the attorney’s report and auditor’s report.

The Commissioners will consider an ordinance amendment for a speed limit change on Veteran’s Parkway and Commissioner Delp will discuss issues with motorized vehicles damaging the Marshall County Memorial Forest.

The county meetings are open to the public and comments and questions are welcome.