TRITON DRIVE4SCHOOL 5-25-18Triton School Corporation is blessed once again to have the opportunity to join forces with Mr. Drew Westafer and Auto Park Ford in Bremen for another Drive 4 Your School Event.

This Drive 4 Your School Event will take place on Saturday, May 26th from 9am till 1pm in the Triton Jr. Sr. High Parking lot.
Similar to last year the Triton School Corporation will need the community’s help to raise money for the various organizations, clubs, teams and classrooms.

For every individual that drives during the Drive 4 Your School event Triton Schools will earn $20 and the driver gets to choose which school organization they want to support.

If you drive the 2018 Ford Expedition or the 2018 Eco-Boost Sport you can earn up to an additional $20 for the team, club, or school organization you select.

Triton School Corporation has the opportunity to earn up to $8000 for various activities that will impact Triton Scholars.

Please consider joining Triton School Corporation on May 26th for the Drive 4 Your School Event at Triton Jr. Sr. High School!!