Flood Relief t-shirtThe Marshall County Long Term Flood Recovery Committee is organizing a “Community of Faith Day of Giving” this coming Sunday, May 19th.

The committee is asking churches in Marshall County to include an insert in their bulletins encouraging their members to help support their neighbors in need.

The historic flooding experienced in Marshall County this year created devastation in a personal way for more than 200 families.  While the flood waters have receded, many families are still dealing with loss and remain displaced.  Estimates for repairs, after all insurance, FEMA and other resources used, is still close to $450,000.

The Marshall County Long Term Flood Recovery Committee has formed under the United Way of Marshall County and is working through case managers and builders to assist families in the worst situations, which account for about 78 homes.  To date, more than $50,000 has been raised locally.

The Long Term Flood Recovery Committee is inviting the faith community to recognize May 20th as a Day of Giving, inviting congregants to give a special offering that will go directly to flood recovery efforts for local families.  Donations can be made by check and written to:

United Way of Marshall County-Flood Recovery            2701 N. Michigan St.

P.O. Box 392               Plymouth, In 46563 

Donations can also be made on-line at: www.marshallcountyuw.org/Flood-Relief-Donations