PHS_SeniorAwards2018_MattixThe Mattix Scholarships were presented to Plymouth High School seniors last Friday morning by Mr. Terry Borggren.

The Floyd and Maxine Mattix Scholarship were presented to Cortni Cook, Macy Goble, Brady Holiday, Josie Koontz, Liliana Medrano, McKenzie Scheets and Brock Witmer.

Borggren said, “Before his passing in the mid 1990’s Floyd Mattix was faced with the dilemma of what to do with his estate.  With the help of his brother and the Marshall County Community Foundation the Floyd and Maxine Mattix Scholarship was established.  This scholarship fund has been providing students from Plymouth High School with scholarships since 1997.”

Borggren continued, “Herman Mattix had made a commitment to his brother Floyd that he would follow his brother’s lead and also share his estate with the students of Plymouth High School.”

The Herm and Florence Mattix Scholarship fund was established and has been awarding scholarships at Plymouth High School since 2007.  Recipients of the Herm and Florence Mattix Scholarlships are Taylor Brown, Graham Chapman, Brittany Culp, Aleczandra Dolan, bailey Eveland, Sarah Eqierski, Victoria Guard, Aaron Milton, Maggie Nate and Gunnar Rains.

The objective of both scholarships has been to consider students who are not generally eligible for other scholarships with preference give to students seeking technical trade or nontraditional curriculum.  Borggren said, “The funding for these scholarships comes entirely from the interest earned on the accounts.  The combined principal of over $1.25 million is not touched allowing the legacies to continue forever.

PHS_SeniorAwards2018_PurdueThe Purdue Alumni of Marshall County presented the Samuel Elliott Perkins IV Memorial Scholarship by Karen Scholsser and Robin Roberts.  This is the 9th year for this scholarship and after awarding the incoming freshmen and current Purdue student scholarships they will have passes a half million dollars.  The endowment is in the Marshall County Community Foundation.

She said, “Samuel Perkins the IV moved back to Culver later in life., but he attended the Woodcraft Camp at Culver Military and then Purdue University.  In his career he worked for the US State Department in Paris and Brussels.  The endowment was started by his wife Mary to remember her husband.

PHS student Emily Cochern, Trey Heckaman, Audrey Himes, Abby Kraszky, Summer Smith and Brock Witmer were awarded the Samuel Perkins Memorial Scholarships.

A second scholarship was presented to Emily Cochern by the Purdue Alumni Club of Marshall County.

Robin Roberts said this fund was started in 1998 and this year they awarded $6,000 in total from this fund to students.