City HallMembers of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission received an update on the City Hall Renovation Project from Tyler Kelsey, Project Manager from RQAW during their meeting Tuesday evening.  “He said, Things are going smoother than in the past.”  The drywall, paint and ceiling in the second floor are 80 to 85% complete.  The elevator is about 80% complete with an estimated completion in the next 8 weeks.  He also said the fire suppression system in about 95% complete and the roof is finished.  IT and access control will be installed in the next coming weeks.  Kelsey also noted that the 1st floor is “lagging behind”.

Kelsey presented a number of changes to the project including up-grading the key-system to a 3-tier system, a new water meter, 3 additional card readers, a reduction in the amount of crown molding, a change in the wall panels behind the council bench, improvements to the façade at the Chamber, the addition of a knox box per the fire department’s request, the reconfiguration of the staff restroom on the first floor of the City Building, reconfiguration of the roof drain system, different ceiling tiles and reconfiguration of the fire department connection.  The total amount was $19,520 and will be applied to the allowances so there is no additional cost to the project.

The Redevelopment Commission unanimously approved the authorization to use the allowances to cover the additional cost.

Kelsey said there are a few more issues yet to be addressed and after the progress meeting on Wednesday they may have a better determination on these issues.  The Redevelopment Commission members will consider them at their June meeting.