PHS_IVYTECH Grads 2018Eight Plymouth High School seniors have graduated from Ivy Tech with a STGEC (Statewide Transfer General Education Core) certificate during the 2017-2018 school year, which entitled them to participate in Ivy Tech’s commencement ceremony last Friday at the University of Notre Dame.

Jennifer Felke, the Co-Director of Weidner School of Inquiry @ Plymouth High School, who is also the CTE & Dual Credit Director at PHS said, “Seven of the seniors were able to walk in the commencement celebration that took place at Purcell Pavilion on May 11th.

“We also got to witnesses two former PHS students from the class of 2017, Luis Martinez and Dillon O’Brien graduate with their associate’s degree from Ivy Tech. They were participants in Ivy Tech’s ASAP program. They earned their Ivy Tech degrees in less than a year after their high school graduation. To see them graduate was amazing as well,” said Felke.

The following Plymouth High School seniors, who have earned the Ivy Tech STGEC Certificate during the 2017-2018 school year, are Emily Cochern, Emma Daniels, Tiffiney DeWitt, Jena Downs, Kaylee Hartz, Joshua Hildebrand, Aiden Miller, and Samantha Payne.

The certificate represents a minimum of 30 college credits across six different competencies. Felke said, “We would like to thank our students for doing so well in their dual credit classes and our PHS teachers who made it possible for our students to earn this certificate once again this year.” Ivy Tech puts a value on the STGEC certificate of close to $25,000.

This is the second year in a row Plymouth High School has partnered with Ivy Tech to offer PHS students the possibility of earning a STGEC certificate. Last year, 13 Plymouth High School students completed the requirements and were able to attend Ivy Tech’s commencement ceremony.

Photo: (L-R)  Aiden Miller, Tiffiney DeWitt, Josh Hildebrand, Jena Downs, Emily Cochern, Kaylee Hartz, Emma Daniels