Leadership Marshall County 2018 classLeadership Marshall County (LMC), a joint program between the Marshall County Community Foundation and the United Way of Marshall County, held graduation for the sixteen participants of Class XXIII on May 9, in the Legion Memorial Building at Culver Academies. The number of LMC participants since the program’s start in 1995 now totals 366. Randy Danielson, former owner of Johnson-Danielson Funeral Home, was the guest speaker for the evening.

Leadership Marshall County is a nine month program that takes place September through May, and is dedicated to cultivating today’s leaders to serve tomorrow’s community by building a solid foundation of informed, action-oriented employees and citizens. Participants gain valuable exposure to community leaders, programs and service initiatives, while engaging in interactive assignments which raise community awareness and action. Involvement in group projects encourages further investigation into long-term community goals, strategies and planning objectives.

Projects presented this year included:1) Homeless Awareness in Marshall County, 2) Link to Hope, 3) Marshall County School/Business Partnership, and 4) Kids Hope USA.

Stephen Boyer, Chair of LMC, announced the winner of this year’s class project award. The Kids Hope USA groupimplemented a Kids Hope USA mentoring program in Argos Elementary School partnering with Argos United Methodist Church for at-risk students, a project undertaken by Kevin Boyer, Jennifer Hurford and Chris Johnson. The project received top honors and a $500cash award to support their ongoing efforts.

Registration for the 2018-19 Leadership Marshall County programwill be open soon. For more information, contact the Marshall County Community Foundation by phone 574.935.5159 or email LMCinfo@marshallcountycf.org.



Front Row: Kay Parson, Laura Borsa Second Row: Jennifer Hurford, Anna Nowalk, Lindsey McIntyre, Alicia Hammonds Third Row: Reggie Flesvig, Jennifer Byall, Chris Johnson, Matthew Davis Fourth Row: Greg Hildebrand, Kevin Boyer and Top Row: Benjamin Nowalk, Austin Nielsen, Michael Delp and Karen Shuman.