PHS_SeniorBreakfast2018_1The Senior Brunch tradition continued on Friday at Plymouth High School for the soon-to-be graduating class of 2018. More than 40 juniors made this year’s Senior Brunch extra special. The students listed below are members of this year’s Student Leadership Committee and they helped organize and host the Senior Brunch from start to finish.

PHS_SeniorBreakfast2018_2Those students include Kaitlyn Renneker, Larry Dragani, Rylee Tostevin, Megan Kersey, Daniel Stauffer, Soren Houin, Mitch Rose, Rachel Bockman, Levi Crawford, CeCe Robinson, Kathryn Smith, Luke Mikesell, Larry Dragani, Luke Walters, Grace Allmon, McKenzie Umbaugh, Kaitlyn Carothers, Sydnee Smith, Halle Reichard, Cassidy Holiday, Citlalli Jurado, Rylee Tostevin, Mary Beatty, Nicole Keller, Raquel Teutle, Julia Patrick, Katy Buckland, Clay Hilliard, Jada Anglin, Holly DeSalle, Ozzy Arias, Olyvia Clark, Jessica Baca, Breezy Slonaker, Alex Parkhurst, Kaitlyn Renneker, Julia Patrick, Kelsey Owen and Elizabeth Mendez.

PHS_SeniorBreakfast2018_4More than 20 PHS clubs, such as the National Honor Society, Sunshine, Journalism, Yearbook, Band, Student Council, Spanish Club and many more contributed around $1,000 in donations for the purchase of food and entertainment for this year’s brunch.

PHS_SeniorBreakfast2018_3The menu consisted of egg casserole, biscuits and gravy, donuts, fruit, an extremely popular s’mores bar, and included drinks such as coffee and various juices.


Photos taken by PHS sophomore Kiara Clements who is enrolled in the Radio/TV 3rd hour class.