road_workOn Monday, Jason Peters, the Marshall County Highway Supervisor told the county commissioners his crew has completed the road reclaiming process.  Those roads that have been ground are having calcium applied to assist with dust control and it also works to harden the roadbed preparing it for its top coat.

Peters listed the roads that have been reclaimed and will be completed yet this paving season.  Those roads include:

2B from Quince Road west and a small section on Sage to 2A
Oak Road from US 6 to 3rd Road
3rd Road from Nutmeg Road to US 31
6th Road from Juniper Road to Hawthorn Road
Hickory Road from 7B Road to 5th Road
5th Road from Gumwood Road to Fir Road
10B Road from US 331 to the county line
Beech Road from 12th Road to 9B Road
Cedar Road from 12th Road to 9B Road
11th Road from US 331 to Cedar Road
Gumwood Road from 12B Road to the railroad tracks
Gumwood Road from 12B Road south for about 3/4th of a mile
12th Road from Maple Road to Muckshaw Road
14B Road from Olive Trail to Nutmeg Road and
Underwood Road from 19B Road to 18A Road

These roads are all scheduled to be resurfaced with chip and seal or paving yet this year. Peters hopes to start the chip and seal projects in early June with completion by the end of July weather permitting.

As part of the process the county will spray a prime coat on the road which acts as a bonding agent to help the hard surface adhere to the road base.  This process which Peters hopes to start next week will require a drying time of 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the weather and humidity.  Road will be marked CLOSED until the surface is dry and safe to travel.