Bourbon_downtown street sceneDuring Tuesday’s Bourbon Town Council meeting, member P.J. Hanley said there has been increased foot traffic to the new Dollar General Store since its opening and he is concerned that the grassy path leading to the store would become a “muddy mess”. After a short discussion, the council voted 3-0 to extend the sidewalk on the east side of the street to Dollar General. Roger Terry, Street Department, was asked to obtain quotes for the sidewalk work.

Prior to the final vote, Council member Larry Wattenbarger made some general comments about sidewalk violation enforcement. Wattenbarger said, “I’m in favor of sidewalks. But if we are going to put in sidewalks, we need to enforce no parking on them.” He them cited several examples of large and small vehicles that he has observed straddling sidewalks or actually parking on them.  Wattenbarger said, “Where the motor home parks, kids walking to school have to go into the street to get by.”

Bourbon Police Chief Bill Martin asked for clarification on how the council would like sidewalk violations handled as to giving warnings or issuing citations. The consensus of the council was to have police officers speak with offenders first, then issue warnings if violations were not corrected as well as take further action to make sure parking was not violating town policies.

Carol Anders Correspondent