NewsThe President of the Marshall County Commissioners, Kevin Overmyer, presented a short overview of the Regional Economic Steller Grant to members of the Bourbon Town Council.  Overmyer said the grant could bring some $7-8 million dollars into the area for projects. Overmyer said several representatives from the towns within the area traveled to Indianapolis to attend a meeting on the grant. He said that Marshall County had the largest group in attendance. At this point, the Marshall County region is one of the six finalists for the grant award.

Although a $20,000 Planning Grant will be used to launch the planning locally, it will take more funding for advertising, videos, and hiring a consultant to develop a list of projects to present for the final determination. A committee is being formed now to oversee the local efforts.

Overmyer said they are asking towns within the region to pay $5,000 each to provide the needed funding, with the exception of LaPaz. He said the county will likely pay $10,000-$15,000 towards the project as well.

He said they would be compiling a list of projects for consideration over the summer.

Overmyer said, “I think this is a good opportunity for the county.”

The Bourbon Council voted unanimously to pay $5,000 towards the effort.

Carol Anders Correspondent