I voted5,999 registered voters voted in the 2018 Primary Election on Tuesday.  That was 20% of the registered voters.  1099 voters were absentee and 4900 were on Tuesday at the various Vote Centers.

It took less than two hours for the final totals to be announced.  Taking a look at the local races on the republican side you find State Representative in District 2, incumbent Jack Jordan who gathered 2,793 votes while his challenger Jessie Bohannon received 1687 votes.

One of the hottest contested local races was for County Commissioner District 1 on the republican ticket.  Challenger Stan Klotz received 2080 votes while the incumbent Kurt Garner received 1523 votes and the third candidate, David Hostetler took 830 votes.

Another republican contested race was that of County Recorder.  Current Recorder Marlene Mahler is completing her second term at the end of the year and the recorder is limited to two terms. Janet Howard was victorious with 2,078 votes while her two challengers; Bill Cleavenger received 1,402 votes and Anna Buffy Breeding took 786 votes.

Mandy Campbell from Argos, a young professional woman won on the republican ballet for County Council in District 2 over incumbent Bill Githens with a vote of 705 to 585 and in District 3 Jack Roose gathered 55% of the vote over Ralph Booker who only received 44% of the vote.

Looking at a couple of more races on the republican ticket we find Marlene Mahler successful in the Union Township Trustee seat with 248 votes over Bruce Snyder’s 166 votes.

The Argos Town Council held their first primary election for two open seats.  The two incumbents: George Null and Suzanne Umbaugh were successful with 102 and 107.  Their challenger Ed Barcus came up short with 81 votes.

Marshall County Democrats have very few local candidates to vote for.  The North Township Board has 3 open seats with 4 candidates.  Angela Huff gathered the most votes at 77 followed by Ronnie McCartney with 71 and Steven Davenport with 65.  James Berger came up just shy with 60 votes.

The democrats also had two races for Precinct Committeemen in Center 4 and Center 5.  In Center 4 Angie Rupchock-Shafer took 54 votes to Scott Wilhelm’s 36 votes and in Center 5 James Greer received 30 votes while Brandon Rich had 12 votes.