Spelling BeeMindy Mattis, 5th grade language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Riverside Intermediate School in Plymouth announced this year’s Marshall County Spelling Bee winners.

Ray Fan Spelling Bee 2018Xinlang (Ray) Fan said math is his favorite subject in school.  He’s athletic playing lots of sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf and swimming but tennis is his favorite.  Born in China, Xinlang plays the piano and wants to learn more languages like Spanish and French.

As for a career he wants to be either a pianist, math teacher, tennis pro, or doctor that doesn’t involve doing something with blood because he doesn’t like blood.

Wesley Smith Spelling BeeWesley Smith, the son of Travis and Cortney Smith is the second Riverside Spelling Bee Winner.

Travis enjoys playing outside with his siblings when the weather is warm.  He’s involved in wrestling, his favorite sport.  Travis has wrestled for 7 years and hopes to keep participating as long as his body will allow.

Both of these students will participate in the Marshall County Spelling Bee on May 15th in Culver.