GreenwayTrail_Phase2Plymouth Park Superintendent Mike Hite gave members of the Park Board an update on phase II of the Greenway Trail Monday evening.

The project was originally bid to Gariup Construction Co for $702,500 and on March 20th INDOT issued the notice to proceed on the project.  They came in before the end of the month and cut the necessary trees near the river where the next pedestrian bridge will be put in.

INDOT received notice from a subcontractor that their original quote to Gariup was far less that the amount listed on the DBE (Disadvantaged Business  Enterprise).  LaPorte District EEO Officer Kent Borggren discussed the issue with Matthew Gariup who admitted to deliberately over committing funds without the consent of the subcontractor.

According to INDOT, Gariup’s actions in this matter represent a serious, material and incurable breach of contract.  The fales information on the Affirmative Action Statement jeopardizes federal funding eligibility, for the entire project.”  INDOT immediately terminated the contract.

Hite said the second lowest bidder on the project was Northern Indiana Construction.  Their bid was about $64,000 higher than Gariup’s.  Hite said the park would be responsible for 25% on the increase or $12,841.

Park Board president Dave Morrow clarified that the issue was out of the responsibility of the park and solely that of INDOT.  They anticipate signing a new contract with Northern Indiana Construction for the project.

Hite said the construction consulting contract with SHE will increase by $4,136 due to the fact that it is based on construction cost.  The park will be responsible for the entire increase.

Superintendent Hite said the project was scheduled to be completed by the end of the year but there is a chance it won’t all be done, especially because the pedestrian bridge was ordered by Gariup and then cancelled when they were terminated.  That means the new contractor will have to order the bridge which takes months to construct and then deliver.