Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board heard proposed changes to the student handbooks for the 2018-2019 school year during their May 1 meeting. Presenting the changes were Ken Olson, Plymouth High School Dean of Students, Craig Hopple, Lincoln Junior High assistant principal, and Ryan Welsh, Riverside Intermediate assistant principal.

Olson explained that there is new truancy language included due, in part, to the schools working with the Marshall County Probation Department on attendance matters. Previously concerns were handled through Bowen Center. He indicated that parents or guardians have 48 hours to report excused  absences to the school secretaries.

Steps will be taken to contact parents by email or phone on the day of the absence and follow-up will be made within 48 hours if parents had not been contacted. Consequences for truancy are listed in five interventions, with the fifth being reported the Marshall County probation for supervised probation. Each truancy will be reported.

Other changes include the length of skirts or shorts, harassment wording, and wellness clarifications.

Welsh said there were only minor changes in wording to the Riverside Handbook.

Lincoln Junior High Handbook changes summarized by Hopple identify the pick-up destination door and students who do not have after school activities should leave the building at a repeatable time.

Superintendent Andy Hartley said revised handbooks would be available closer to registration; however, notice will be given when the handbooks are completed.

Carol Anders Correspondent