Election BoardThe Marshall County Election Board received an update on the Campaign Finance Reports from County Clerk Deb VanDeMark.

During the April meeting the clerk said the Voter Registration Deputy called or emailed candidates reminding them of the April 20th deadline the next day.

At the April 24th meeting it was noted that George Null a republican candidate for Argos Town Council filed his report on April 24th, Greg Frushour a democrat running for West Township Trustee also filed on the 24th, Marie Fishburn a republican running for Green Township Trustee submitted her report on the 25th and the Democratic party filed on the 30th.  All had failed to get their finance reports in on time.  She did note that Amy Knapp a republican running for Center Township Trustee was 2 hours late filing her Campaign Finance Report.

VanDeMark said there was some confusion since school board candidates, delegates, and precinct committeemen don’t have to file the report.  She also noted that the three had not spent anything on their campaign nor had the received any funding for their campaign.

Because these candidates failed to file their campaign finance reports in a timely manner, the Election Board has the right to impose a penalty.  After some discussion the board voted to impose a penalty of $50 but suspend the fine if the next Campaign Finance Report, due in October is filed on time.

State statue allows for a penalty of $50 daily with a maximum of $1,000.