Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board has worked with a number of local entities to build an aquatic center for all of the community to use. During the May 1 board meeting, the board approved by a 4-0 vote a terms of use, along with a non-exclusive sublease. Board secretary Melissa Christiansen was absent from the meeting.

Andy Hartley, PCSC superintendent, explained that the school corporation will rent space from the Marshall County Health and Wellness at a fee of $90,000 per year. Operation of the faculty will be under the Dr. Susan Bardwell Aquatics Center. Funds for initial contributions were already approved in the Capital Project Fund. The lease is for 25 years.

The rental payment will help support the debt on the project. Hartley said, “There could be some additional things that may arise. If we’re hosting events and its requiring more from the coordinators, then there could be some other arrangements there for reimbursement of costs and things like that.”

Once completed, PCSC will have the use of 17 hours practice time and at least five home meets for the school’s competitive swim team.

The City of Plymouth is one of the major entities involved in the project. Speaking from the audience, Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter said, “It has been six years this month since we began this journey. “ He said there was a nine member committee formed to work on the planning of the project in May, 2012.

Senter said, “This is very important to our community. It is economic development at its finest.” He went on to say the community will profit from visitors using the area’s restaurants and hotels.

Representatives from Ancilla College were at the board meeting. Although there was no any formal discussion as to how the college will use the facility when it is completed, it was noted that they are a part of the partnership.

Marshall County Economic Development Corporation President, Jerry Chávez, told the board that the proposed center got major funding from the Regional Cities Initiative and new market tax credits.   According to Chávez, closing on the financial portions of the project could be done by May 17, 2018 and then a ground breaking could begin as early as June or July. He indicated that construction will take another 12-13 months.

Board President Todd Samuelson said, “This is a big event. We are a willing participant.” A pool that had been housed at PHS for many years had to be removed when the liner could not be repaired adequately.  Samuelson said, “We had an asset that was no longer an asset.”

Carol Anders Correspondent