Plymouth School Board_WDAFive fourth grade students from Washington Discovery Academy along with their teacher, Nikki Tredway, shared the highlights of a project they are completing with the Plymouth School Board on Tuesday night.

Students Jose Fernando, Kadyn Barrera, Leandro Moran, Wylie Knapp, and Lucas Shortt each took a portion of the project entitled “Survivor” to explain how animal adaptations and traits could be used to create a perfect animal that can survive every environment.

The students challenged the board members to find hidden pictures of butterflies to demonstrate how camouflage works in the wild. All of the class at WDA are studying biomes of the tundra, artic, rain forest, desert, and grassland. They then picked the favorite adaptations from each biomes, put them all together, and designed one fictional animal.

Since they are still working on the rest of the project, they used a drawing of their “lionbat deercat” along with a paper model that another class had made. Tredway explained that every student in the class would be creating models of their newly designed animals.

Carol Anders Correspondent