Aquatic Center drawingThe Plymouth Aquatic Center moved another step towards reality Tuesday evening during the Plymouth Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings.

Plan Commission members were tasked with a re-plat three lots of the Van Vactor Farms Planned Unit Development.

Marshall County Economic Development Corporation currently owns the three lots and requested to re-plat them into two individual lots.  One would be for the Aquatic Center and the second lot which might be a motel project that is currently in the discussion stage.

Plan Director Ralph Booker said the plat presented had no deeds of dedication, no signature block to be notarized or the boundary survey instrument number.

While Plan Commission members had concerns on the proposed parking plan, Booker reminded them that they are only approving the replat and not the parking.

The Plan Commission approved the plat with a 6 to 1 vote with Mark Gidley voting against the re-plat.

Immediately following the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals was asked to consider a variance of parking for the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.  The variance was for the Aquatic Center.

The city standards require one parking space per every 100 square feet of recreation area.  The Aquatic Center has 13,629 square feet, thus the need for 136 parking spaces.

The proposed parking plan only has 20 spaces on the Aquatic Center lot.  The proposal is to use an additional 61 parking spaces on the adjacent lot where the proposed hotel would be built.  There would also be an additional 56 parking spaces at the community building that will house the United Way and Community Foundation offices along with the Early Childhood Learning Center. The plan also includes additional parking at The Zone with the Council on Aging agreeing to assist with bussing to the pool.

Only three of the five members of the Board of Zoning Appeals showed up for the meeting; Keith Wickens, Art Jacobs and Mark Gidley.  Jacobs and Gidley were not in favor of the plan and talked about tabling the request until all members could be present and options for a parking plan could be presented.

Jerry Chavez from MCEDC told the BZA that funding for this entire 11 million dollar project is dependent upon getting the property shovel ready with all permits and plans in place and approved.

After further discussion and a commitment to having the shared parking on the deed, 5 of the 20 parking spaces on the Aquatic Center lot will be designated handicap parking spaces and there was assurance that the graveled parking area will be paved even if the hotel doesn’t come to fruition.

The variance was granted 3-0.