school-board-meeting1During the May 1 meeting of the Plymouth School Board, PEA (Plymouth Education Association) co-president, Laura Kruyer, shared a few comments pertaining to the special session of Indiana lawmakers that will be held in two weeks.

Kruyer said, “ISTA (Indiana State Teachers Association) is participating in a petition drive begun a few weeks ago urging lawmakers to keep the focus of this upcoming special session to only those items that are absolutely necessary-and as it relates to HB 1315 issues-only the portion dealing with providing Muncie Community Schools with a one-time loan.”

She went on to explain that other parts of the HB in question should not be finalized in the special session. Kruyer said, “The rest of HB 1315 can wait for another day and should not be rushed through now with only days to go until the new school year begins.”

After the meeting, she said the petitions will be hand-delivered by both Teresa Meredith and Glen Eva from AFT (American Federation of Teachers) to the Speaker of the House Brian Bosma, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate David Long, and Governor Eric Holcomb prior to the May 14 special session day.

Carol Anders Correspondent