County Highway Beech Road 4-17-18Jason Peters, Supervisor of the County’s Highways said his department will continue the reclaiming process the first of this week.

The county will be working on 5th Road west of Fir to Filbert, and then they will continue south of 5th Road on Gumwood Road to 5B Road and west on 5B to Grape Road and on to 6A Road.  Work this week will also include 6A Road to Hickory, and Hickory to 7B for almost 4 miles.

Drivers are urges to avoid this area due to the construction active.  If you are driving in this area please take caution.

Peters warns, “There is a possibility there will be some material spread on roadways for the reclaimer to add material to the roadway.  This process adds base stabilization to the roadway to strengthen the base of the roads.