commissioners-2017Jason Peters, Supervisor of County Highways presented a revised 2018 Road Program to the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday.

The estimated total cost of the road plan is $1.7 million and includes 12.75 miles of paving with overlay, wedge and leveling of the road bed and or base repair. Roads include are: Oak from ST RD 6 to 3rd Road; 3rd Road from Oak to Michigan; 6A Road from Oak to Michigan; 6th Road from the curve to the new pavement; 6th Road from Rose to Plymouth LaPorte; Redwood from US 30 to Plymouth LaPorte; Elm from 5th to 7th; Forest Hill subdivision; Ironwood from 6th to the new pavement; Sycamore from ST RD 6 to 1st Road and the Rentown Road from Birch to Beech.

The county plans to double chip seal 11.25 miles of roadway including:  4th Road from Beech to the County line; 17th Road from Birch to Apple; 5th Road from Fir to Gumwood; 17th Road from Elm to Fir; 6th Road from 331 to Fir; Pine Road from 1st Road to Tyler; Douglas Road from CRD to Tyler; County Line Road from Plymouth Goshen Trail to Ash; Gumwood from 5th Road to 5B; 5B Road from Grape to Gumwood; 6A Road from Grape to Hickory; 12th Road from Maple to Muckshaw; 14B Road from Olive to Nutmeg and Maple from Maple to 5A Road.

Another 35.50 miles of chip and seal is planned throughout the county including Huffs Hill and McQueens Subdivision.

Peters said he is hoping to contract out the paving of Kenielworth from 3rd Road to ST RD 6 and Dogwood Road from STRD 6 to Tyler Road.  These two projects are flood related.

The commissioners unanimously approved the 2018 Revised Road Plan which anticipates all work being completed this paving season.