City HallThe Renovation project of Plymouth’s City Hall continues to move forward.  During Tuesday’s Redevelopment Commission meeting, City Attorney Sean Surrisi gave members a brief update on the $2 million project.

Michiana Contracting has transitioned from major work on the second floor down to the first floor.  Surrisi said the walls upstairs are in and painted, the elevator is installed and they are putting in the ceiling and light fixtures.  New walls are going up in the clerk’s office.

Change order #38 was presented in the amount of $6,611 for additional hardware for card readers on the access control system. The commission unanimously approved the change order that will be charged against the remaining allowance.

The Redevelopment Commission also approved a payment of RQAU on the project in the amount of $1,975 and to Michiana Contracting for $322,279.45.

When asked by Redevelopment Commission member Mike Miley if Michiana has made up any time, Surrisi said he didn’t believe so but he also comments that they haven’t gotten any further behind.