Plymouth Community SchoolsPlymouth Schools students will have to attend classes for one more day than originally planned. According to Superintendent Andy Hartley, the added student and teacher day is necessary to meet the 180 days of instruction required by the state.

Flooding conditions forced the closing of school for four days on February 21, 22, 23, and 26. Other weather conditions that forced school to close included ice on January 12, snow on February 9, and fog on February 15.

Two potential make-days had been included in the yearly calendar, but the flooding conditions came after both of the designated days had passed.

The schools had implemented several eLearning days when students used technology to access and complete assignments; however, Hartley said during the April 17 school board meeting that one day of actual classroom instruction would be needed.

The last student day, barring any other school closings, will be May 31. Certified teachers will complete their year on June 1.


Carol Anders Correspondent