road_workCounty Highway Supervisor Jason Peters says the road reclaiming process will continue on Wednesday.

Cedar Road from 11th to 12th road will be ground along with 11th Road from Cedar to 331, Cedar Road from 11th to 10B roads, and 10B from 331 to the county line.

Peters anticipates road work on these sections of roads over the next few days. These sections of roads are under the current road program and are expected to be resurfaced mid June to the first of July.

Please be patient during this process. As the temperature start to warm up, county crew will be working on priming these roads to prep for the surface treatment.  During this process, roadways will be closed off for a few hours to allow for the primer coat to dry (base on temperatures which may take a little more time).

Please take caution once the primer coat is applied. This is a very important process; the tack coat is what allows the surface to adhere to the base. If the primer coat is turned and gravel is exposed this causes the surface not to stick. When braking on the new surface and accelerating try to avoid spin tires or skidding when coming to a stop.

Peters said, “Thanks for your patience during this process.  It’s not one that anyone likes, but the finished results will much better than what they were before the process started.”